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Experience working with owners who have “been in your shoes” as musicians trying to make a good record...


Our Belief: Great music recording begins with the song or composition.  Our work will be focused on your musical piece.  The best recorded results come from creativity first. Good engineering and production skills will help us put that creativity into a medium we can listen to and enjoy.

Our goal will be to help you record your songs in a way in which the full potential of your music comes through.  Ultimately you and your audience can enjoy what is captured.  If you are an artist looking for a trustworthy partner to help with all the details of making a good recording of your songs - at an affordable price, call us to discuss.

Bio on Keith:  His engineering career began in a dark & dingy basement in 1996 recording bands so they could get gigs.   He studied engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, AZ. Also worked in a couple of studios in Manhattan.  He has put thousands of hours into engineering and producing records.  

Keith works with partner with Rob Locasio (Two Man Advantage fame) in our studio on Long Island.  With our Music Shelter facilities we are able to host most artistic situations.

Check out the Audio Demos page for some examples of the projects we have been involved with: engineering, production and as musicians.

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