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songfirst recording studio in BLACK

Below are samples of artists we have recorded.  Each project is different, just depends on what is needed, we can usually accomodate

Track 1: Keith Eddie Lyle “New Years Resolution” - Engineered, Produced & Mixed; Mastered at MasterDisk

Track 2: Anna - “Swing” - Engineered Vocals, Mixed Final Tracks to Pre-recorded Music

Track 3: Rhythm Bound - “Sure Do It Good” - Engineered Band Live, Overdubbed Vocals, Mixed, Mastered

Track 4:  Rob Locasio “ This is Life” - Engineered Band Live, Overdubbed Lead Guitar, Mixed, Mastered

Track 5:  Ja Supreme “ Wait a Minute” - Engineered Vocals, Mixed to Music Provided, Mixed

Track 6: Nick Riggio and Originators “No One Writes Letters” -  Engineered Band Live, Overdub extra tracks, Mixed 

Track 7: Money Machine “FoxHole” - Engineered Band Live, Overdub Guitar, Mixed, Mastered

Track 8: Two Man Advantage “Someone” - Engineered Band Live, Mixed, Mastered

Track 9: Too Many Voices “Sea and Earth” - Engineered Band Live, Mixed



Working with Keith and Rob was a fantastic experience. Professional, lighthearted, and their depth of experience is unparalleled. My band Money Machine recorded three songs with them and it is by far and away the best recording that I've been involved with, even surpassing the "hip" analog 2" tape studio we went to in Brooklyn last year, which was good....but Songfirst's recording is better. That's not even mentioning the relaxed atmosphere at the studio. Do yourself a favor and look no further for a recording studio for any kind of project. Keith and Rob's love for music shine on every note that comes out of Songfirst.

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